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The Aria Database, run by Robert Glaubitz, is a fantastic resource for singers looking for information and ideas on individual arias from operas. Each aria is accompanied by information including role, range, and a synopsis of the aria. Some entries also include text and even MIDI files.

Rough and ready translations of arias and songs can be obtained using Babelfish, although the poetic language used means that you still have to do a lot of work.

Singers and Directories

Visit Cadenza - resources for classical and contemporary musicians.

See OperaStuff for links to other singers, as well as companies, resources, and discussion groups for the opera singer and opera lover.

Operabase provides reviews and performance information for major houses, together with CORPUS the Coordinated Opera Resource Pages which provides information and links for singers and opera-goers.


Street maps can be viewed and printed off to find your venue when you reach a strange town. Use the postcode and an arrow will point to where the venue is.

Alternatively, Multimap has the same service plus maps of Europe and the Rest of the World. Will also give you directions within the UK.

Train times can be found on the National Rail site by selecting "Planning your Journey".

Train Tickets can be bought in advance through The Train Line or QJump.

For travel around London look at Transport for London for public transport, and BBC London for detailed traffic information.


They may not be the cheapest on the web, but I am very happy with the quality of the business cards I got from You can use one of their many templates, or design your own material. They also have high-street stores where you can discuss your requirements.

Non-singing-related links

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